David Bowie - Nathan Adler Lyrics
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[edit]Song titleNathan Adler
[edit]Artist nameDavid Bowie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Old Touchschriek wasenter added
the main nameserver
Suspected of being a shoulder surfer
But he didn't know from shit
About challenge response systems
Now Ramona A Stone we know was sellingenter added
interest drugs
She got males all hung upenter added
on her mind filters
She was if you don't mine mind
me saying so an updateenter added
Now Leon
He couldn't wait for 12enter added
o'clock midnight
He jumps up on the stage
With a criss criss machete
And slashes around cutting aenter added
zero on everything
I mean a zeroenter added
in the fabric of time itself
Was this a suspect?
I says to myself
Woa! "Quelle courage!"
Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself
Let me take you back toenter added
when it all began
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Lyrics versions21Show words ADDED in version 2 as green
Show words REMOVED in version 1 as red

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David Bowie - Nathan Adler Lyrics
changes from version 1 to 2

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