Lyrics to She's Just Dancing
by David Wilcox

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[edit]Song titleShe's Just Dancing
[edit]Artist nameDavid Wilcox
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She can run beside the stream through the forest
The wind will lift her hair
She can almost see the moon and the waterfall
The music takes her there

She can be wild in the summertime
She does not feel these walls
She can give in, look up, take a deep breath
And step into the falls

She's just dancing
She's just dancing, understand
She's just dancing
Dancing to the band

But when the sweet-talking hunter sees her move
And he's aiming through his sights
His rifle only sees a prize he can capture
And maybe take her home tonight

Now watch him circle back around as if he can't quite read
What the writing on her T-shirt says
She spells it out and says
I'm just dancing, okay, okay

She's just dancing
She's just dancing, understand
She's just dancing
Dancing to the band
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Don't try to track her trail hunter
She is not your game
This is a wild-life sanctuary
And wild is why she came

You only hunt to feed your lonely
But you're hiding in the blind
So you're a prisoner of your own protection
If it's life you're trying to find

She's just dancing
She's just dancing, understand
She's just dancing
Dancing to the band

She's just dancing
Dancing to the band
She's just dancing
Dancing to the band

She's just dancing
She's just dancing, understand
She's just dancing
Dancing to the band

Dance, dance
Dance, dance
Dance, dance
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Lyrics to She's Just Dancing
by David Wilcox

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