Lyrics to When Sinners Fall
by Deacon Blue and Ricky Ross

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[edit]Song titleWhen Sinners Fall
[edit]Artist nameDeacon Blue and Ricky Ross
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You always saw the best in me
Even when you knew the worst in me
Always something I forgot to say
You took a while to say
what others said
Even when I walked away

We all know
When sinners fall
So what`s the point
In a wind drowned call
I`m just a sinner
Falling out of your life again

You took a while to set me free
Especially knowing how happy I`d be
There`s always some who`ll only say
What a mess better leave him be
Let the devil take the rest
and then we`ll see

We all know
When sinners fall
So what`s the point
In a wind drowned call
Find more similar lyrics on`m just a sinner
Falling out of your life again

First you say wheels
You`re wanting them to carry you
Next you say leave
Find a place to hide away
Then you say blood
Soon enough we all do
Then you`ve had enough

We`d better tell the waiting ones
I only acted like they
said I`d always done

It`s no surprise
This sinner fell
They`re only glad
`Cause they could always tell
He`s just a sinner
They`re only mad because I crashed
Into your arms again

Into your arms again
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Lyrics to When Sinners Fall
by Deacon Blue and Ricky Ross

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