Lyrics to Earth.Revolt
by Deadlock

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[edit]Song titleEarth.Revolt
[edit]Artist nameDeadlock
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Beneath the burning skies the war rages on
but we still hold the future in our hands
beneath the burning skies the storm rages on
but our tortured hearts still beat
you`d better die with honour than to live with shame
now let the earth speak for the revolution
raise your voices: earth.revolt
beneath the burning skies the sea rages on
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beneath the burning skies mankind`s drowning
but our tortured hearts still beat
beneath the burning skies people are dying
but we won`t let the earth die
beneath the burning skies now join our forces
as long as our hearts still beat
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Lyrics to Earth.Revolt
by Deadlock

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