Lyrics to So Long Baby
by Dean Martin

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[edit]Song titleSo Long Baby
[edit]Artist nameDean Martin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Gene Cross)
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(So long baby so long)
So long baby you better go now
So long baby I guess I know now
Well you didn't care for me
the way I cared for you
Yeah you took my loving heart and broke it in two
So long baby let's say goodbye now
Find more similar lyrics on long baby I better cry now
All I can tell you even though
I might be wrong now
So long baby so long
Well you didn't care for me
the way I care for you
Yeah you took my loving heart and broke it in two
So long baby let's say goodbye now...
Cause so long baby so long
Cause so long baby goodbye
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Lyrics to So Long Baby
by Dean Martin

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