Lyrics to Ishtar
by Death SS

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[edit]Song titleIshtar
[edit]Artist nameDeath SS
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ishtar, great mother goddess
Pro ecclesia sancta dei
Pro ecclesia sancta dei

Venus, star of the morning
The supreme lady of love,
Fecundity and delight

You embody the divine
Of womanly moonshine
Your glance gives us the joy
And you rewards our toil

Ishtar, heal my soul's scar
Love me, all the nightime!

Mantis, majestic ruler
You're holding in your hands
The destiny of your men

Sovereign, queen of all lovers
You're fickle as the night
You love and then deny
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I'll take your place in hell
To break the ancient spell
I offer you my life
But stay with me, tonight

Sunlight, rise and burn down!
Love me, for the last time

..."Augusta betwwen Gods
our Lady of the war.
She's covered by love
and full of all delight.
Her lips are made of honey
her mouth is all the life.
Our goddess of all beauties
and mother of the stars"...

Ishtar, heal my soul's scar
Love me, all the nightime!

Sunlight, rise and burn down!
Love me, for the last time
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Lyrics to Ishtar
by Death SS

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