Lyrics to Pain
by Death SS

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[edit]Song titlePain
[edit]Artist nameDeath SS
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Your life is aimless and insane there's
something wrong inside your brain
And day by day it's still the same there
ain't no drug to kill your pain
Every hour you sink more in the mire you deplore
There's no excuse to justify the wasting pain that blinds you eyes

You're the sick among the pure and you're looking for the cure
You're too stupid to realize your life is just a compromise
You're so filled with the disease and you're bowed on your knees
No one care of what you say that's the price you gotta pay

So find a way out Tell me a lie
Do anything that could loosen your strain
Another chance Another drug Another pill to relieve this damn pain

Your pain
No one will assuage your pain
And all your efforts are vain
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An endless day of lite routine tied to the wheel of its machine
With a bar-code on your skin you can't forget all that you've been
Self-deception is your dope 'cause you know there is no hope
Fight against conformity lose your own identity

You go back to the cage draw a new line
Live your mistakes over and over again
Anothe chance Anoter drug Another pill to relieve this damn pain

Your pain
No one will assuage your pain
And all your efforts are vain

How deep is your sorrow? How deep is your pain?

Your pain
No one will assuage your pain
And all your efforts are vain
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Lyrics to Pain
by Death SS

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