Lyrics to Outcast
by Death Threat

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[edit]Song titleOutcast
[edit]Artist nameDeath Threat
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I guess you thought you had us figured out
You know our kind - you know what we're about
But you don't know the shit that we've been through
The pain we felt - we're tried and true
So quick to judge - we're not like you
And to your world - we say FUCK YOU
So quick to judge - we're not like you
And to your world - we say FUCK YOU
Who the fuck are - to judge me
Find more similar lyrics on's my life and I'll do as I please
Answer to no one - conform to nothing
I am who I am from years of suffering
Hardcore to the day that I die
Hardcore - it comes from inside
So quick to judge - because we're not like you
And to your world - we say FUCK YOU
We'll never be like you
Fuck your world and FUCK YOU TOO
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Lyrics to Outcast
by Death Threat

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