Lyrics to In Human Form
by Death

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[edit]Song titleIn Human Form
[edit]Artist nameDeath
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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People of the earth beware,
It is here in human form
An atrocity laced with greed.
Filled with evil intentions.
Ready to attack

Look to the air for stories to choose,
Who will be your next victim
Profiting on visions of others,
Dark emotions run through its veins
Its motives are false its mind is insane
A distant planet with no signs of life
Find more similar lyrics on become a home for this alien breed.
Scientists of the world unite,
Your services are more than needed
This creature in human form is out of control

Looks can be deceiving, see beyond the shell
Flesh and eyes mean nothing.
The truth, time it will tell
Before you think you fool the world.
What comes around goes around.
Shown for what you are, a waste of life
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Lyrics to In Human Form
by Death

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