Lyrics to Pull the Plug
by Death

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[edit]Song titlePull the Plug
[edit]Artist nameDeath
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Memories is all that's left behind
As I lay and wait to die
Little do they know
That I hear their choice of life

End it now, it is the only way
Too cruel, that is what they say
Release me from this lonely world
There is no hope - why don't you

Pull the plug
Let me pass away
Find more similar lyrics on the plug
Don't wanna live this way

Once I had full control of my life
I now behold a machine decides my fate
End it now it's all too late
What has now been days,
it seems like years
To stay like this is what I fear
Life ends so fast, so take your chance
And make it last
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Lyrics to Pull the Plug
by Death

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