Lyrics to I Can't
by Debbie Gibson

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[edit]Song titleI Can't
[edit]Artist nameDebbie Gibson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Salut ma belle fille
Hello beautiful/gorgeous
Ca va ce soir?
How are you this evening?
Je crois que tu es absoluement jolie.
I think you´re positively beautiful
C'est nous tout seul ce soir
We're alone tonight
Et je veux etre avec toi
And I want to be with you
Ca c'est "cool"
That's "cool"

The writing's on the wall
And the words it spells
aren't very nice
Although I´m me, you´re you
I´ve been down that road once or twice
And it´s ended in disaster
And someone's heart always breaks
But, I cannot help but wonder
'bout the love that we might make

I should walk away from you now
Should just turn right around
Should say I´m never gonna fall for you
But I can´t

Find more similar lyrics on´ve counseled many peers
In situations milder than this
And my advice to them
Was at all costs avoid that first kiss
But we´ve waltzed in dreams already
And I never could tell lies
And I can´t resist the wonder
That is there behind those eyes


Dangerous as it may be
I want to dance this dance
Let the world take me baby
But not before I take this chance

I´ve told your heart good-bye
So why does mine refuse to hear?
I´ve pondered what and why
I tremble when you are near
you´re the drink that makes me thirsty
But I crave you just the same


I should say I´m never
gonna fall for you
but I can´t
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Lyrics to I Can't
by Debbie Gibson

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