Lyrics to Nuclear Exorcist
by Deceased

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[edit]Song titleNuclear Exorcist
[edit]Artist nameDeceased
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's not the end, we are suffering on. An endless
world filled with pain, how we hate the pain.
Mentally slaughtered by evil, and disturbed are
our minds. But we shall return all the madness,
for soon is our time..... We are our savior, the
only one!!! The air is toxic to breath, the skies
Find more similar lyrics on all come undone. Will anyone see the next
century, but was it really to come? Seasons and
weather will vanish, and so will the once burning
sun. Never again is god going to win, for the
downfalls already begun..... Nuclear Exorcist!!!
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Lyrics to Nuclear Exorcist
by Deceased

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