Lyrics to I Want to do thy Will oh Lord
by Del Reeves

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[edit]Song titleI Want to do thy Will oh Lord
[edit]Artist nameDel Reeves
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The cross that you bear may be hard to carry The
pain you feel so hard understand Bur every pain
that you feel he died just to heal I want to do
Thy will oh Lord

He paid the price the sacrifice with his blood at
calvary He stood alone in valence judgement hall
Find more similar lyrics on took the cross he paid the cost or my soul pack
was lost I want to do Thy will o Lord I want to do
Thy will oh Lord

I want to do Thy will oh Lord Take me and break me
mold me and make me I want to do Thy will o Lord I
want to do Thy will oh Lord
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Lyrics to I Want to do thy Will oh Lord
by Del Reeves

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