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by Deliverance

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[edit]Song titleLearn
[edit]Artist nameDeliverance
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A man's life, a boot camp
Preparing him for the grave
There is nothing more to living
Or so I thought I heard them say

Existence carnal, I am but a man
Drifting in a soul filled ocean
Fallibility, a probability
Humanness takes its toll on me


Time after time, we make the same
Line after line, when will we learn

A cosmic commotion
Psychic friends on TV
Find more similar lyrics on, inquire about your future
Falsified guarantee

Man's deception
Satan's deceit in a world
Full of washed convictions
An emptiness in the mind of
The viewer of the screen
To bleive in such idiocy

To live and learn the nature of man
No on escapes this lesson
Father please forgive me for
I know well what I do
Just surround me with your love
And help me LEARN
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Lyrics to Learn
by Deliverance

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