Lyrics to This Present Darkness
by Deliverance

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[edit]Song titleThis Present Darkness
[edit]Artist nameDeliverance
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Drive-by shootings fill
fear in the hearts of
the city
A shortage of life
No warriors to fight the thugs
who rule with no pity
The leaders say it will all end
but why do they constantly lose?
because the one thing they fail to
mention is they are part of it too

A constant search for cover
a search for the remnant to pray
Find more similar lyrics on mighty are the weapons of God to
combat this present darkness

Satan's plan
Knowing not the fight for your soul
Don't believe his lies
just unveil your eyes
Through prayer
Bring down the strongholds

A constant search...
A constant search...
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Lyrics to This Present Darkness
by Deliverance

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