Lyrics to I Think They Like me
by Dem Franchize Boyz

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[edit]Song titleI Think They Like me
[edit]Artist nameDem Franchize Boyz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yeah, these niggaz like haters want to fight me
Yeah, these niggaz mad 'cause I came up over night B
Yeah, I switch it up I got 9 kuff tightly
So you betta do the right thing like Spike Lee

Yep, I'm superclean rock jeans wit a white tee
Niggaz 'round here soft but like niggaz want to bite me
If you had some figures you will be just like me
Yeah these niggaz mad 'cause I shining like a light B

Niggaz talking 'bout yep in there muthafuckin' throwback
He ain't real you know dat unverified, why he sold that
We stepping on these niggaz like a muthafuckin' door mat
When I hit the scene they take pictures call me Kodak

These hoes goin' crazy like think they need some Prozac
We the hottest thing that ya rockin' and you no dat
Yo bitch chosed up and she don't want to go back
We stackin' big faces 'cause we still spending unverified

Oh, I think they like me
Oh, I think they like me
Oh, I think they like me

Haters want to fight me I'm snatching ya ass up
First nigga act up, first nigga get bust
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(Franchize the white tee boyz)

Self made, self paid we latch around in our white tee
Ashy black shirt well get down in ya brown tee
My hundred throwback we sport a jersey by Ali
And if he make one
(Then all them sike me)

I'm all about my cash ride around wit a nice peace
Ear piece icy they straight like me
You heard pimpin' playa
(They shine so brightly)

Don't stand so close, vision will unverified
Respect my whole squad, no you can't even touch us
'Cause roll out the red carpet high 5 and show us love
Carry barretas, count cheddar, we transedda
I'm a franchize niggga have a mil or betta

Oh, I think they like me
Oh, I think they like me
Oh, I think they like me

I love to muthafuckin' fight
But when shit get thick, I grab the K, he grab the pipe
So when I'm wrong or he right
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Lyrics to I Think They Like me
by Dem Franchize Boyz

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