Lyrics to Gelid Remains
by Demolition Hammer

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[edit]Song titleGelid Remains
[edit]Artist nameDemolition Hammer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Searing with the pain
of ravaged world
Destined to collide
Struggle, in vain, to exist
Knowing you soon will die
Unable to accept, your
forthcoming death
Burial a crime
Carbonizing cremation
Consummation horrified
Double insulated stainless tanks
Liquid nitrogen
Housed, within a concrete vault
Preservation capsule
Biological suspension
Sub-zero bloodless state
Hypodermic continment
Deanimating life
Is your only chose
No hope for cure
Injected with
Perfusing your body
Another frozen corpse
awaiting resurrection
Desperate human beings
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Dreams of cheating death
Experimenting, freezing
Waiting, thawing
Life extension
through neuro preservation
Human souls on ice
Recessisting metabolism
Flesh solidified
Pumped with anti-freeze
substitute solution
Minus 320
Sub-zero capsule
Preserving tissue
Sustained by cryostat
(Leads Sykes, Reilly,
Sykes, Reilly)
Immortality seeking customers
Repressing destiny
Gelid remains, residing in
Eternal dormancy
Cryonicists maintain a
frigid cannister
Metallic sarcofagi
Animation suspended
Carnage petrified
(Repeat 2nd verse)
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Lyrics to Gelid Remains
by Demolition Hammer

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