Lyrics to Less Than Nothing
by Demon Hunter

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[edit]Song titleLess Than Nothing
[edit]Artist nameDemon Hunter
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I suffocate, reality is tearing my life away
All in vain, I'm taking my pride into the grave

What a fine line we walk with our eyes closed
Giving our worst as first like we don't know
Burning my way through life with a vengeance
Giving my weight in hate until the neck bends
Tearing out every trace of emotion
Falling into this cell that you've opened
Hollow as all these faces around me
Feeling your fatal infection surround me

We all live in fear of something
We all disappear like nothing
We all live in fear of something
We all equal less than nothing

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All this hate, is dragging my face through broken glass

How can we be so blind in the same light?
Covering all these scars that we can't hide
Feeling my way through thorns of rejection
Bleeding out all this filth of infection

We all live in fear of something
We all disappear like nothing
We all live in fear of something
We all equal less than nothing

We're nothing
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Lyrics to Less Than Nothing
by Demon Hunter

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