Lyrics to Ascension of a Star Long Since Fallen
by Demoncy

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[edit]Song titleAscension of a Star Long Since Fallen
[edit]Artist nameDemoncy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A Stroke Of Magnificent Lightning
Iridescent Skies
The Morning Star Roams Free
Amongst Opalescent Clouds
Radiant Form, Brighter Than Fire
Prideful Black Wings Spread
Engulfing The Earth In Darkness
Rebel Of The Cosmos
His Throne Constructed From The Fruit
Taken From The Tree Of Knowledge
Anointed With Light Of Truth
Bejeweled With Clandestine Wisdom
Crowned With Desire
Armed With The Scepter Of Strength
Majestic Prince Of Earth And Air
Malevolent Mighty Conqueror
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Exploring His Empire
Of The Infinite Cosmic Seas
Retribution... Heaven Shall Burn
Ascend Lucifer
Exalt Thy Throne Above The Stars
Dwell Within The Frozen North
Mounted Upon The Clouds
Glorious Lucifer, Flag Of Freedom
Bearer Of Light, Path Of Wisdom
Son Of Morning, Sword Of Victory
The Most High, He Is I

Music: Maldismes, Lord Of The Misty Moors
Lyrics: Diabolicus, Lord Of
Malevolent Darkness
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Lyrics to Ascension of a Star Long Since Fallen
by Demoncy

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