Lyrics to Hypocrisy of the Accused Heavens
by Demoncy

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[edit]Song titleHypocrisy of the Accused Heavens
[edit]Artist nameDemoncy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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the angels set forth on their final flight
their wings frail and weak
ascending from the now black clouds of heaven
never again to see it's light
the golden gates tarnished with failure
the horizon of salvation scorched by sin
as embers light the skies of paradise
foul winds of disgust pollute the air
as beings of black wings breath hate
bringing the reversal of creation
the forever spawn of dying
the god of heaven dies on his broken throne
Find more similar lyrics on brow torn by the horns of victory
as tears of blood stain the altar of christ
his flock of sheep is led astray
and after a final mourn of crucifixion
christ opens his bleeding eyes
only to see his followers of forgiveness
banished and cast out
bringing the reversal of creation
the forever spawn of evil

lyrics: aeldeost
and ixithra, lord of the sylvan shadows
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Lyrics to Hypocrisy of the Accused Heavens
by Demoncy

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