Lyrics to The Eternal Winter Shall Never Fade
by Demoncy

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[edit]Song titleThe Eternal Winter Shall Never Fade
[edit]Artist nameDemoncy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A Dark Shroud Entombs This Eternal Eve
In Ancient And Forgotten Mysteries
Shadows Drift Through The Solemn Graves
Bringing Memories Of Ages Long Past
The Earth's Frozen Tears
Shatter Upon The Stone
Of Memorials Long Forgotten
The Moon Has Cast A Spell
Covering All In It's Frost
The Winter Winds Blow Cold As Ice
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The Sun No Longer Shines
On A World Forsaken To The Dark
Eternal Winter, The Earth Is Dead
Forever Night, All Is Black

Music: Maldismes, Lord Of The Misty Moors
Lyrics: Ixithra, Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows
Title: Vorthrus, Lord Of The Frozen Plains
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Lyrics to The Eternal Winter Shall Never Fade
by Demoncy

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