Lyrics to My dad Sucks
by Descendents

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[edit]Song titleMy dad Sucks
[edit]Artist nameDescendents
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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judgement time again, who's on the shit list this
time around whose friends can we pick and tell
them how to live value judgement hide, it's
a-comin' our way he's just a jerk himself, tryin'
to hurt his own he goes to the bar to get his girl
Find more similar lyrics on the rich he's got ain't what it's worth says
he need his little sexual push says two in the
hand's worth one in the bush because he's just a
pain in the ass he's a thorn in my side why can't
he leave me alone? instead of running my life?
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Lyrics to My dad Sucks
by Descendents

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