Lyrics to Made for Trouble
by Desperado

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[edit]Song titleMade for Trouble
[edit]Artist nameDesperado
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Words & Music: Snider/Torme

She's Got A Look You Want To Know Better
But Beware, You Better Forget Her
She's Got Style And A Casual Grace
But Her Smile Is All Over The Place
If You Try To Get Her To Stay
You'll Wake Up Alone The Very Next Day
Made For Trouble
Made To Please
To Satisfy You She'll Go Down
Made For Trouble
Made To Please
To Satisfy Her You'll Go Down
Down On Your Knees
Find more similar lyrics on The Boy That The Lady's A Tiger
Full Of Noise, Easy Laughs And A Liar
Suck You In, Man, The Girl's A Seducer
Once You're Got, She'll
Just Turn You Loose
If You Try To Push Her Away
She's Back Twice As Hard
The Very Next Day
Made For Trouble
Made To Please
To Satisfy You She'll Go Down
Made For Trouble
Made To Please
To Satisfy You She'll Go Down
Down On Her Knees
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Lyrics to Made for Trouble
by Desperado

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