Lyrics to Here Comes The Night
by Destroyer

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[edit]Song titleHere Comes The Night
[edit]Artist nameDestroyer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All the skies opened up
And now they're mentioning your name
In connection with a drowning when you're just saying -
"Ah, let it come down!"

So you stole that Schwinn
And rode right in to the Winner's Circle of the Sun...
Now Mile-End is claiming -
"You're one of those! Take off those clothes!
You're one of them!"...
But you won't...

I couldn't turn around.
I couldn't wrap my head around it...
Best to forget that things change,
Hanging outside in the rain is OK...
I walked into the festival.
Did these cacophonies please you?
Hey, they pleased me too...
Find more similar lyrics on we still had our sight, but don't look now, people,
Here comes the Night...
Here comes the Night...

I heard those traps you've been living off of (and on) have come undone...
I heard you only poach to save your children...
Well save it...
Cause a real thief (Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!) thieves...

I couldn't turn around...
Or phrase it as a question...
'cause when it comes to that prize a temple your size was too big...
I walked into Festival... (I know you know)
The Festival of Symphonies pleased you...
They pleased me too...
Back when we still had our sight,
But don't look now, Angel, here comes the Night...
Here comes the Night...
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Lyrics to Here Comes The Night
by Destroyer

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