Lyrics to Mercy (We Had The Right)
by Destroyer

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[edit]Song titleMercy (We Had The Right)
[edit]Artist nameDestroyer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Is the word we tore from the Book of Languages.
One possible display of necessary changes.
Too bad we couldn't speak
About our right to be weak
Back when we had the right.
We had the right.

Revolutions, do your thing.
Is the Great Matter-of-Fact still being true for you?
Revolutions won't defend us
From a life of love and a country madness
Native to the country I'm thinking of.

Your love of shit knows no bounds!
Trust me this spells
The premature end of us!
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Seize the sun.
I assume we are done with it.
This natural living will do you in...
The Nature of Giving means
I won't owe you anything,
And you won't owe me anything.
You won't owe me anything.

Is the word we tore from the Book of Languages.
Too bad it went unspoken;
Our beloved right to be broken...

Back when we had the right.
We had the right.
We had the right systems.
We had the right
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Lyrics to Mercy (We Had The Right)
by Destroyer

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