Lyrics to Let's see who Goes Down First
by Deus

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[edit]Song titleLet's see who Goes Down First
[edit]Artist nameDeus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I was walking down the river
playing solitary quiver
I was thinking about a million different lives.

She came dancing up a mountain
spread her whiteness like a fountain
and an hint of broken turquoise in her eyes.

She came all the way to say I didn't stand
a single chance the state that I was in

I said:
"Your sould is a-swaying".
She said:
"Hey that's a pretty saying,
but unfortunately it is not

She said:
"You're just looking for
another to love you".

Now we all know the world is dying
and expenses multiplying
but you could try to take it easy too.
Let me take you for a ride
I will take you for a ride
'Cause in time
you'll be mine
when you're mine
it'll be oh so fine yeah!

At the time I wasn't feeling that good.
At the time I wasn't feeling that good.
I wasn't longing for a strange delight
I wasn't flashing on the dark of night
I wasn't going for no periodic mood.

I wasn't suffering no odd decease
I never thought of it as no unease
Find more similar lyrics on when it called me I just had to let it loose.
It never made me wonder or even think
just merely tapping tapping on my instinct
it left me there but I wasn't left to choose.
Now I heard stories about this kind of thing
it haphazardly just sucks you in,
makes you do stuff you never thought you'd do

One night it drove me to despair
What if anybody had seen me there?
to this day I still wonder how they knew.

They started spreading rumors about my state
you know how it goes around this place,
now and then they just need someone to screw.

My senses numb but I could feel
four, five years been taken out of me.
If you'd ask me, there's no way I could prove.

The smell of hysteria was chemical,
the air around me thick and physical,
my mind was racing but myself I couldn't move.
It had me running, running, running...

Now I heard stories this kind of thing,
it doesn't lose it just let's you win
with a little bit of luck you
don't come out too bruised.

Such anger that I couldn't vent
so much energy I couldn't spend
it would have fucked me over if I
hadn't cut it loose. YEAH.
I wasn't suffering no odd decease
I never thought of it as no unease,
next time it calls me I'll be ready 'CAUSE I KNOW.

I'll be ready
I'll be ready
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Lyrics to Let's see who Goes Down First
by Deus

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