Lyrics to Shadows
by Deviated Presence

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[edit]Song titleShadows
[edit]Artist nameDeviated Presence
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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how many words have I whispered?
how many songs have I played?
how many thoughts have run through my mind?
as all is gone now what is left to do?

what will be left without you?
theres no meaning at all, beholding the pictures, only reminder of what
has been. the world of nothing, emptiness...

remembrance! the echoes of the past in my head...
escape! it's killing me, there is no cant find a way out of here
lost the light in my life, (now) everything's worthless...

you've gone before time, peaceful, lonely in your grave. most of me died
with you, truth weeping, reality frozen. silent scene on the graveyard,
hatred felt for this world, rage towards all that is.

how can I get over this loss?
these feelings now broken, won't be replaced!
Find more similar lyrics on to make my way down to your side.
my death the only chance to be with you

you were my refuge in this forsaken world
this pain wont set me free, forever scarred will I be
now youre beneath the fire that burns above me, crying.

the graveyard is a beautiful realm, well-kept
nature where human nature ends.
past mourning can be felt in the air, in the darkness isolated lights.
they show that there's still someone remembering, this place has a life
of its own in death...

memories turn to pain, all the places cause agony,
my ripped-out heart is gone with you
the times have changed, the future's broken

the end caught you too soon, but now it's time to forget
torn, torn from life, your shadows the only remains
the end caught you too soon, your shadows the only remains
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Lyrics to Shadows
by Deviated Presence

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