Lyrics to Silly
by Deville

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[edit]Song titleSilly
[edit]Artist nameDeville
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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everyday you live up to the expectations others
have of you live your life in an endless dream you
can't accept reality you shut the world out from
what's inside afraid they'd see your foolish pride
you shot me down and then walked away you were
afraid that was all i had to say

and now your life don't mean that much that much
to me anymore cause everything that i tried to tell
you never quite got through

as your dreams fade away you start to close your
Find more similar lyrics on you fall victim to the fear inside as your
dreams fade away you start to close your eyes you
fall victim to the fear inside

forgotten hopes and empty dreams this is your
reality misplaced lies, the fear inside is all
that you ever tried to be

but i don't know, just where you're going i don't
know you never showed me you shot me down, walked
away never knew how much i had to say
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Lyrics to Silly
by Deville

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