Lyrics to Just Because
by Devin The Dude

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[edit]Song titleJust Because
[edit]Artist nameDevin The Dude
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1: Devin The Dude
I've been waitin' to tell you this for oh-so-long
And these feelings I have deserves to be in a song
I wish I could just squeeze you 'til you was out of breath
Grab you by your neck and choke you half to death
Wish I could kick you in your ass without going to jail
Or lock you in a trunk without creating a smell
If only for one night, I could take you by your hand
And cut that ho off, while it's still in the heart of a man
If we could sail across the sea, just you and me, in a boat
I'd throw your ass overboard and just look at you float
I'll glue your eyes wide open, have you roped in the kitchen
Take a picture of my nuts, so you can see what 'cha missin'!
Take a walk on the beach, bury your body with sand
And keep packin' and packin' until you couldn't
Get a hotel suite, 20 stories above
And chunk you out the window, see you fly like a dove
Just because...

Chorus: Devin The Dude
Just because of what loves does
Just because of what loves does

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If I could only come up to yo' job and shout, "Where's my bitch?"
Kick your boss in his ribs and tell him, "Fuck you! She quit!"
I'll sweep your off your feet with a box of chocolates
But watch it – 'cause it's really balled-up hog shit!
I reach for your feet, or something that I could rope up
Tie to you to a motorcycle, start jumpin' ramps, doin' donuts
I'll take you climbin' to the mountaintop
Trip you and watch you drop from rock to rock
Only you can make me feel this way, mayne – there's no other
But you had to find another lover or whatever
And I really wish you happiness, I hope it work out
So y'all can get a crib together, so I can blow up your house
I put my ring in your mouth, I put my foot in his rectum
Ain't hatin', but if he's takin 'from me, I ain't gonna' respect 'im
And as far as you – If I could, I would love
To strangle your motherfuckin' ass, just because
Just because...

Chorus: Devin The Dude
Just because of what loves does
Just because of what loves does
Just because of what loves does
Just because of what loves does
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Lyrics to Just Because
by Devin The Dude

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