Lyrics to Oneiric Aphasia
by Deviser

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[edit]Song titleOneiric Aphasia
[edit]Artist nameDeviser
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Good night, my foolish love
Hear me now...
Sleep your singular sleep and die
With a nice bright gleam in your eyes

A crescendo of the dream
Going deeper into dubious realms
Into post-dream projections
Going Deeper
The dream begins into post-dream projections

Can't imagine your reaction
to this psycho tale
To the all-around astral uncanniness
Awfully weird areas
Ultramental hinterlands

It was after midnight and you
Find more similar lyrics on going to sleep
And have another of those nightmares
I could save you from this fate
If only I could find it in
my heart to do so...
I hear you pray to end the dream
And beseech me to release you from my spell

Illusions on a mental screen
Images projected
Zones of deception and pain
Spirits brave enough

Awakened you to a stratosphere
Of uncanny terror
A crescendo of the dream
Going deeper into dubious realms
Into post-dream projections
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Lyrics to Oneiric Aphasia
by Deviser

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