Lyrics to S00 Bawls
by Devo

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[edit]Song titleS00 Bawls
[edit]Artist nameDevo
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Pretty little mongo
Everybody wants her toilet
Same old story
She won't let nobody near it

The way she teases them
It's such a shame
She's got all the huboons
Crying out her name

S00 bawls, s00 bawls
She's got 'em howling
She's got 'em growling

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She's got 'em going clean
Out of their minds
S00 bawls, s00 bawls

There ain't a man in town who wouldn't
Have her for his daughter
They all trade their brains for
One taste of her toilet water

1, 2, 3, 4, tell the people what she wore
They're all trying hard to call her up
But her phone's been disconnected
Since she sold her butt
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Lyrics to S00 Bawls
by Devo

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