Lyrics to Possess the Strength
by Diabolic

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[edit]Song titlePossess the Strength
[edit]Artist nameDiabolic
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We possess the strength
To conquer the vicious
Reverse the negative spiral
Adapt and attack!!


We possess the power
To defend the ideals
Negate the unjust assault
Enemies obsolete!!

We possess the knowledge
To surpass the weak
In defiance of cowardice
Pure thought ascends!!!

We stand strong!!
Observe and evaluate!!
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Eye to eye
No mercy
We hold no fear!!

Into the storm
We walk as one!!

And to the end
You'll find torment!!

Strength, power, knowledge
Our weapons remain!!

Lead: Brian

Lead: Jerry

Possess the knowledge!!
Possess the power!!
Possess the strength!!
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Lyrics to Possess the Strength
by Diabolic

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