Lyrics to I'm Watching You
by Diana Ross

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[edit]Song titleI'm Watching You
[edit]Artist nameDiana Ross
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hello, baby, it's a long time
I know you're here, I feel you close to me
So much to say
Making all the words, I save them all inside

Then I see you and they disappear
Like leaves beneath the snow
And life don't wait for everyone
And yesterday, I let you go

I'm watching you tonight
And I waited for so long
I've been living on your memories
In a world where we were one
And you told me you could make it on your own

I'm watching you tonight
And it's making me cry
When I lost you, I lost everything
But our love should never die

Not mine, my love is born to be your love
Oh baby, to make history near you
Find more similar lyrics on the moment when I see me in your eyes
You're gone, you're gone

You can say goodbye if you want to
I love you but I'll try to understand
But in my soul I know it's meant to be
Together you and me

But I know you came to fade away
Like voices in the wind
And I wonder if you feel my love
It's stronger than it's ever been

I'm watching you tonight
And there's no other one
All the love we gave eternally
Now it's dying in the sun

Not mine, my love was born to be your love
Oh baby, to make history near you
But that moment when I see me in your eyes
You're gone, you're gone, you're gone
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Lyrics to I'm Watching You
by Diana Ross

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