Lyrics to Booby Trap
by Dickies

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[edit]Song titleBooby Trap
[edit]Artist nameDickies
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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estelle is a vampire
she has a novel way of leaving her calling card
sing along by the campfire
she'll leave her mark while she's stealing your heart
forget her lies about not drinking wine
you love her though you're gonna turn blue
her madness grows like the thorns on a rose
i'd wear a cross if i were you

if you want to date her
you better get her home before she
sees the first light of day
but sooner or later
the best laid plans of mice and men go astray
she's the kind of girl put your head in a whirl
she's bound by tradition of victorian morals
the daughter of the devil and the mother of pearl
i'd let her alone if i were you

don't look back
Find more similar lyrics on's a trap
it a fact
it's a booby trap booby trap

don't turn around or she'll surely roll you over
there's no doubt about when i found out i got wise

hypnotized all of the time
but you better get it through your head
she's out to control your mind
nosferatu - she's undead

she'll get your love like a hand in a glove
the fangs of a bat and the heart of a dove
from hell below or heaven above
i wouldn't let her in if i were you

what's it about? does it snow in transylvannia?
try to chill her out when i found out i got wise
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Lyrics to Booby Trap
by Dickies

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