Lyrics to Roadkill
by Dickies

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[edit]Song titleRoadkill
[edit]Artist nameDickies
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm drivin' my pickup truck
I'm feelin' mean and I'm getting drunk
I drive all over town
Find a little critter and I run it down
Hit the brights and watch 'em freeze
Turn a little animal into head-cheese

Oh, it's roadkill
Drivin' around in my automobile
For roadkill
Ain't gonna stop 'til I get my fill

Out there by the side of the road
Might be a bunny or maybe a toad
It's guts are hanging out
Only one eye and part of a snout
I still don't think it's dead
Put it in reverse and squish it's head

Oh, it's roadkill
Drivin' around in my automobile
For roadkill
Climb out of the cab and hand me a drill
Ain't gonna pay their hospital bills
Kill a little critter
just to get my thrill

Are you gonna run 'em down right now?
Find more similar lyrics on, I'm gonna run 'em down right now

If you drive 405
You won't find anything left alive
Suckin' suds while I'm makin' time
Squashin' little animals flat as a dime
These critters don't have a prayer
I just ran over Smokey the Bear

Now he's roadkill
Drivin' around in my automobile
For roadkill
Climb out of the cab and hand me a drill
Ain't gonna pay their hospital bills
Kill a little critter
just to get my thrill
I love roadkill

Hit the lights
Squeeze 'em in my sights
Somebody's pet gonna need a vet
Ran one over but he ain't dead yet
This truck's a killin' machine
Pedal to the metal and I'm feelin' free
Somebody's kitty's gonna
need a hysterectomy

I love roadkill
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Lyrics to Roadkill
by Dickies

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