Lyrics to Rosemary
by Dickies

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[edit]Song titleRosemary
[edit]Artist nameDickies
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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she's my girl she's so wonderful i love her so
kisses galore and i think the whole world of her

rosemary she's the girl that i adore
she's rosemary and i'm going out with her now

most of the guys give her lots of talk
they wanna walk with rosemary
with all their words they look more absurd like idiots
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rosemary i wanna tell the world who i'm dreaming of
it's rosemary and i'm going out with her now

when i'm out with rosemary in the clouds so high above
looking down upon the masses far below how could they know
that when i walk her home she's mine and mine alone
it's such a nice surprise to see her face
and she makes the world such a lovely place
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Lyrics to Rosemary
by Dickies

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