Lyrics to Testimonial (Intro)
by Diddy

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[edit]Song titleTestimonial (Intro)
[edit]Artist nameDiddy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I need y'all to hear me out there
Can y'all hear me out there?

Through blocks and boroughs, cops is plottin'
Snakes slither while hustlers chop they product
Foreign cars, exotic, got hoes hypnotic
While I cruise through the concrete, blowin' my chronic

And I move like a diplomat, hoodie and fitted caps
Dwell in the habitat where cons and killers at
Faced a thousand deaths, cowards'll bow to the feet
Of the Almighty, a God to the black child

I told Moms I would be somethin'
I gave myself to the world now it's like you owe me somethin'
Listen up, I got a story to tell
It's like I fell outta Heaven just to walk through Hell

But it fueled my fire, ignited my desire
You gave me the bricks and the sand to build the empire
Throwing steel at my forehead, my faith still strong
With all I've been through, you would think my faith gone

But nope, I hold my stance in stone
I move mountains with my will and succeed, that's how I keep goin'
'Won't stop' been the motto, feelin' rich like I won the lotto
It's almost like seein' through the eyes of a crack child

Dodgin' crisis, three strike system, niggaz trapped in a vice grip
You can't defeat me, I defy all odds and sabotages
Find more similar lyrics on survived Reagan, I survived the first Bush
Thinkin' back when my moms gave that first push
Thank God for my life, I came through the room
Until the evil of part two, when God gave me a sequel

Rags to royal, Momma hand her hands in soil
Pops moved drugs in capsules and foils
I foiled your plans and made you aware
And turned America's dream into a nightmare

Yeah, you feel the vibe, muh'fuckers
The first B.I., 'Ready to Die' muh'fuckers
So 'Who Shot Ya', 9 to 5 muh'fuckers
'Bad Boy For Life' is I, muh'fuckers

And it's back, better than it ever was
I'm talkin' like we was gone but we never was
So I deliver the truth uncut
We produce more hits got the booth fucked up

On top of the statue yellin', "Who want what?"
For the past ten years, the future is us
Eyes closed like I'm blowin' reefer
The preview is over, now enjoy the future, niggaz

I wanna thank y'all for believin' in me for so long
Thank y'all for ridin' with a nigga
As we continue on, you are now listenin' to the sounds
Of the world famous, you know my name, you know my name
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Lyrics to Testimonial (Intro)
by Diddy

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