Lyrics to The Plague
by Dies Irae

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[edit]Song titleThe Plague
[edit]Artist nameDies Irae
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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have you ever had the feeling
how unnatural, bizarre
and daunting is the fact
that you live,
that you breathe,
move, and speak and eat,
excrete. how absurd.
perversion, grossness
of the warm
body, spit, blood, bile
they all circulate
in the soft organs.
put your hand to your chest
what is there?
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oh, gods,
this is unbearable!
disgust and revulsion,
tear it all out,
destroy it, and stop it,
return to the earth
let it be gone, all that
should not be, let the plague,
the one plague named life,
carried forth as a
lethal disease
dissapear forever and after.
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Lyrics to The Plague
by Dies Irae

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