Lyrics to Digg is Like
by Diggy Simmons

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[edit]Song titleDigg is Like
[edit]Artist nameDiggy Simmons
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Live from the Apple
slicing the American pie
with dope lyrics
watch me get America high
by your appearance I can get a glimpse of your vibe
they say you are what you wear, I am Yves Saint Laurant
mixing Martin Margiella
catch me at the Montreyon
fella I'm getting money that's why you all jealous
this ain't a rap song, this is a rap psalm
immaculate so I'ma be the first to cast on
in kindergarten I was filling out my tax form
while my other class mates was learning Jimmy Crack Corn
? how can I go broad, riding shot gun with Lupe through Chicago hood
hat tilted to the side like a GD bumping a Pac Cd
picture me rollin' holla when you see me
this easy sorta like my ABC's
and I'll take another ? nigga 1, 2, 3
know my name when I spell, it's D-I two G's
rather die before I'm telling see I'm too G

Digg is like
life or death
I'm a rebel
My poety's deep I never fell
Digg is like
Find more similar lyrics on man half amazing
Digg is like
life or death
I'm a rebel
My poety's deep I never fell
Digg is like
Half man half amazing

It's the return of the light skin
okay alright then
the king on my name is sperated by a hyphen
looking at my Breitling it's about that time
stunting like a Badboy out the Porsche just shine
gotta rap like a peda stomp a rat in front of pedo
when its comes to cooking heaters I'm a baker like I need her
can't come up ? like a phone off the reciever
I know you're all eager to see me compete with Bieber
not knowing that's my homie, we chilling kicking our feet up
don't do business with a worker so direct me to your leader
in a few years I'll be the chairman of ?, Warner, Elektra, Atlantic, re-up
and when I go watch the money go pre-nup
we going hard in the paint nigga D-up
try to bring the heat and you'll still lose if ya'll team up
this is for my fly niggas jetsetters we are

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Lyrics to Digg is Like
by Diggy Simmons

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