Lyrics to Darkest day
by Digital Ruin

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[edit]Song titleDarkest day
[edit]Artist nameDigital Ruin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sometimes I feel alone,
lost inside a daydream
Sometimes I feel like I can't, survive
With all these lies surrounding me
Sometimes I feel like the days go by
And the signs along the way
make it hard to stay

Into the darkness I said goodbye
Behind the mask of death
I saw a world beyond our flesh and blood

Sometimes I can not sleep
And I fear the night will never lift
Sometimes I feel like the hours go by
And I've lost the strength
to fight for life
But don't think any less of me

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Just when I thought it was over
I feel the coldness of regret
Just when I thought I'd found the answer
Beyond the darkest day

While sadness overcomes
I can't control the anger
While candles burning
I'm afraid to say it's come to this
Will you remember me
Can you just let it be
While candles burning
I'm feeling that the time has come


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Lyrics to Darkest day
by Digital Ruin

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