Lyrics to Perpetuating Corpses
by Dim Mak

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[edit]Song titlePerpetuating Corpses
[edit]Artist nameDim Mak
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My Blade Awaits, I Cut With Steel That Hungers
The Blood It Flows, Ill Let a Bleeding River
Receive My Sword, I Curse You To Your Maker
The Absolute And Everlasting Fire

Glorious War, Calling Me Forth

Scarring All Time, The One Who Stalks The Aeons
Wretched Excess, The Endless And Remorseless
Obscenity, Perpetuating Corpses
Demon of Stone, I Am The Truly Heartless

Glorious War, Calling Me Forth

Blood Of Innocents
Mercy Found Them Lying Dead
Those Souls Corrupted
Found No Legion With My Blade

Berserker Rage, Warbound Hallucinating
Possess My Blade Hellish And Unrelenting
Erupting Rage Bloodlust Is Overwhelming
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Glorious War, Calling Me Forth

My Mask Of Blood, I Am The Righteous Butcher
Suffer My eyes, and All The Sights Of Slaughter
Magnificent Pure Homicidal Grandeur
The Infamy Of the Immortal Killer

Glorious War Calling Me Forth

Blood Of Innocents Mercy Found Them Lying Dead
Those Souls Corrupted
Found No Legion With My Blade
Revel In Blood, Blood O the Butchery
Revel In Blood Righteously
Revel In Blood, Blood Of the Savagery
Revel In Blood, Psychotically
Revel In Blood, Blood Of The Slaughtery
Revel In Blood Ghoulishly
Revel In Blood, Blood Of Atrocity
Revel In Blood And Infamy
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Lyrics to Perpetuating Corpses
by Dim Mak

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