Lyrics to The Night Masquerade
by Dimmu Borgir

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[edit]Song titleThe Night Masquerade
[edit]Artist nameDimmu Borgir
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A scarlet sunset
The threshold to nightplay
A sinful oath is to be sworn
A beckoning bloodlust
Among the seekers
Tyrannic hunger yearns

A gathering in flames and fires
Devil's daughters dance
Scourged in filth obscene and lewd
Longing to dark desires

The nocturnal beast appears
In an evil despotic shape
Expectant watching gracelessly
Before demanding the sluts of lust
The Beast:
"Come forth harlots,
let's begin!"
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"Rise and give praise in front of Me
And receive eternal life from Me!
Welcome my spirit in honour of Me!
So drink of the blood I provide you
And you shall all forever wander in
The shadows of death...!

The chanting whores:
"Oh yes, Master! Let us receive
Thine offer and drink with thee!
And become a part of Thy realm
With lust, sex and sodomy
For we are those who seek
life eternally...!

The Beast:
"Blood is life and it
shall be all ours!"
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Lyrics to The Night Masquerade
by Dimmu Borgir

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