Lyrics to Twinkys
by Dirty

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[edit]Song titleTwinkys
[edit]Artist nameDirty
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ride with me,ride with me,ride with me
Come on and ride with me, ride with me, ride with me
(It's them dirty boyz back one more time)
Come on and ride with me, ride with me, ride with me
(Last year we was riding vogues on tripple gold)
Come on and ride with me, ride with me, ride with me
(This time we let y'all know how we switchin' it up on y'all hoes)

We ride them twinkys on 'bout everythang ('bout everythang)
We ride them twinkys on 'bout everythang ('bout everythang)
We ride them twinkys on 'bout everythang ('bout everythang)
We ride them twinkys on 'bout everythang ('bout everythang)

(Big Pimp)
We ride them twinkys on big 1500's
And it don't matter what you sittin' them on, we done already done it
And on the inside smell like wooood, cause that rifer be burnin'
And on the outside lookin' gooood, cause them twinkys be turnin'
I got them thangs shinin' hard so they match my grill (bling)
And got them big bitches twisting like four farris wheels
We from the gump so we be mashin' like we don't give a fuck
And man we sit them twinks on Capri' Classic, Lacs, and trucks
And rule number one don't let them twinkys hit the curve
And if you need two more inches call them 'twity birds'
And it ant nothin like lettin' a junky clean and wash your car
Break them off a fat dime and watch it shine like
a star (get on som' little bitch)
And if you sittin' up on some nineteens then you still tight
But if you ain't ridin' twinky inch rims it don't fill right
But after a while everything you ride got to get old (alright)
But for now we ride them twinkys like we was "Rollin' Vogues"
On tripple gooold

(Chorus) X 2

(Mr. G-Stacka)
We ride them twinkys on big Escalades
Them thangs so wide man they provide my whole damn block with shade
Find more similar lyrics on know you jock'em cause they shiney and they sit real high
Cause when I roll it's nothin' but rim you can't even see the tire
I keep'em glossy cause they sit up under my ride so pretty
And when the sun bank off my rim they light the whole damn city
I keep that paint job wet it's how it suppose to be
And got them guts plushed out with leather upholstery
Man we be chieffin' up a storm so them windows stay fogged
And plus I'm swervin' side to side cause we been sippin' that Paul
You know down south them boys like ridin' higher than Big Foot
And if you slippin' with your twinkys you gone get yours took
Some folks say you shouldn't even drive cause it's takin' up lanes
Man kiss my ass y'all just mad cause y'all ain't got the same thang
And shit is just a little bit different on a high speed chase(alright)
The police won cause when I come I take up all the space, up all the space

(Chorus) X 2

(Mr. G-Stacka)
I done seen some niggas in Impalas sittin' cold
I done seen some niggas in Expedations ridin' swolle
I done seen some Astro vans with some rims so big
All them niggas pushin' doolys ridin' twinky inch
I done seen some thangs on Beamers with the top drop down
I done seen some Jagurs sittin' high off the ground
I done seen some niggas in Land Cruiser sittin' tall
We sit them twinks on everythang cause hell we ride'em all

(Big Pimp)
Now I done seen them thangs on Capri' Classics and lookin' so pretty
And got them Cutlus and Regals sittin' so right
when they beat through the city
And them Suburns got them thangs so right plushed out with the kit
It took a nigga from the hood to sit the twinkys on Crown Vics
And when them hoes see them thangs on Navigators they love'em
But when they see them on Lacs boy it make it easy to fuck'em
And that's all good if you got them thangs on chrome and gold
You probably catch a nigga from Slapaw ride'em on Pentos, on Pentos

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Lyrics to Twinkys
by Dirty

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