Lyrics to Humiliation
by Disbelief

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[edit]Song titleHumiliation
[edit]Artist nameDisbelief
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wild confusion.
seperation, pain.
Dead or alive -
they'll go insane.

They're the hunters
Their aim is to kill
Why're we here, why?
Surely, you'll die!

Not with me, yet!
My whole life i always payed
Comprehend that!
Upset, stare, insane

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They want extermination
Clear and distinct
Surely, you'll die!

Surely, you'll die
- Humiliation

They're the hunters
And you - keep your pride!
Stop the madness!
Surely, you'll die!

Surely, you'll die
- Humiliation
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Lyrics to Humiliation
by Disbelief

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