Lyrics to It Will Always Stay
by Discharge

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[edit]Song titleIt Will Always Stay
[edit]Artist nameDischarge
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I Remember That Grey Day
She Lay Still On The Floor
Needle Still In Her Arm
Eyes Staring At The Wall
The Tears Didn't Come Right Then
I Don't Know If They Ever Came
But Something In Me
Died Back Then And
I Know
It'll Never Be The Same
It Seems Like Years Ago
But I think It Was Only Yesterday
The Picture's Still
Locked In My Mind And
I Know
It Will Always Stay It
Will Always Stay

After Reading This
This To Myself
I Know I Know
You'll Be Filled With Pain
So Please Please
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Close To Your Heart
And Your Love Love
Love For me The Same

Cause At This Stage
I Need Need Your
Friendship More Than Pity
Friendship More Than Pity
Friendship More Than Pity
More Than More Than Pity

And Maybe Just Now
I Can Tell You The Reason
For All These Drugs
These Drugs I'm Taking
For Although I'm
So Scared Of Dying
I'm Terrified
Terrified Of Living
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Lyrics to It Will Always Stay
by Discharge

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