Lyrics to Thou Messiah
by Disembowelment

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[edit]Song titleThou Messiah
[edit]Artist nameDisembowelment
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Awakening the forbiiden lord
A multitude of eternally
dedicated worshippers
Gather as the temple casts it's dark shadow
The monks will be feared - fate!
"But night bore
horrible Moros, and black
Ker, End and Fate, and Death sleep and
They bore also the brood of Dreams
The, dark Night,,,"
Foreign incense
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Seven days of spiritual agony
Seven nights magical pain
Mortal doom and mesmerization
Obsequies ist thou mystery
Thou Messiah
Obscurity and shrouded peaks
The oracle of eastern religion
Focal point of the third order
Uncomprehensible nocturnes
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Lyrics to Thou Messiah
by Disembowelment

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