Lyrics to Crevice Flux Warts
by Disgorge

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[edit]Song titleCrevice Flux Warts
[edit]Artist nameDisgorge
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Induce warted
Dimorphous mature in
Sponge and wisp what I crisp
Dulled paraaesthetic
The mectomyzed
Lepromin crevice severed
Towards the waste
Cysts blowing sharp
Grows abroads the slab
With hacks completely warts
Eyebroweds gyne
Comatose occurs
The flux over the snap
Croup septic inguinal romp
Excessive creviced
Scarring and blobing
Lepromatous stocked the testes
Convex symptoms of the wrists
Delighting resorpt
Gloves stained of pulp and blood
Fluxed mastic foetid
Vaccinates flatules
Ulcerans surfaces
Sputum neo eviscerated
Sub acuteness bulbo scars
Of spinal jaundice
Genitocervica repairing develops
Pedincle for the serotologyc
Split fissures
Fluxing perianal ratio
Necroperipheral sore macerates
Paroxysmalitic grummatous
Spazztic spinal paraplegic
Tabes horn
Citiospinal girdles
Involves the warts
Scabing and scourging
Flickened sways
Stimulates refles tendinose
Self puncturing rapture
As aqueous
Clotted increase
Grossly infected
Yaws inoculates
Flagelated remains
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Membranose lupose
Virulentic fluids
Leptospheric spirosis sloughing
Focus infection surge in urine
Hematogenous illness
Of the tissue
Empathological necroticism
Via flux cytopath
Flecked upon contraction scabs
Branch skew
Deviation impaired gait
Corticrevicium fibrose pedyncle
Vomiting oscillopsy
Necromantic spew
Subclavian as I smash the spine
Spumes on your flutter
Excluded venous smash
Purpuric plasto
stratified mycotic
Through the mastic
Adjacent wounds
Necrotizing flaccid
Abrupts eruption
Retraction over
The impetiginose fluids
Rigidity with oculars blobings
Flush disturbances
In facial weakness
Seizures of intrafractured
Vomiting ward
Slit sucking disastrous
Surgical cortex
The elapsed fluid
will engendrate
As the warts begins
To traumatic grasp
Necrotic crevice and rash
Rapturing entirely into
Fluxed tissue
Fascia plastic coating adherence
Hencing and mincing stuporous
Spontaneous leckeage
Expanded viscosity
Flux starts in the warts
To crevice the spine
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Lyrics to Crevice Flux Warts
by Disgorge

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