Lyrics to Goremassacre Perversity
by Disgorge

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[edit]Song titleGoremassacre Perversity
[edit]Artist nameDisgorge
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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With perverse and
unmercyful urge for meat
Rancid flesh reeks
Lying on my pits

Post mortem consume
I am addicted to your cryptic purulence
Feasting through millions of deads
Incubating the cadaveric

Excoriating shredding goremassacre
Perverse exhuming flux
For my hellish psyosisified lust
Necroconvulsing pieces I execrates

Inserting the rancious amputating sodomy
Stabbing and slaughtering
Through the digested and butchered

Cremating and extinguishing
All disgusting remains
Craving the malforming
That secretes the drills I ingest

Decapitating. Mucose caseated. Feast
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Deranged horrid licking
Disinterred rotted flesh
Maggots corrodes my
tooths on mauled odours
I feel delighted when I corrupt the weak

Putrefactive exterminating
Dissective malignancy
Total reeking gore massacre perversity

Bathing vomitorial carnage
Stenching worms
Splatters the crimson stakes
Mincing excremential desecrating turfs

Malignantly attack
Cadaveric goremassacre perversity
And crispy putrilage
In millions of stakes

Rancid putrid shit I consume
Reaping in excrement
Hacking in pus
Unborn childs, we delight
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Lyrics to Goremassacre Perversity
by Disgorge

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