Lyrics to Lust
by Dissonant

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[edit]Song titleLust
[edit]Artist nameDissonant
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Poets wrote about it, love
is strange without it
You know it, you feel it, you breathe it
The rain has come to wash the
filth you've left behind
It's just deceiving, source of all believing
Raging in you, rusting with you
Life had become dependent on nothing but shit

When you come and visit
Don't forget to bring it
Hugh amount of sorrow
Drain your heart and swallow
Life has just maintain
Wish you had your pain
Rust has start to spread
Lust will drive you mad

War has come to teach us, give
some sense to wake us
In a vortex of sins, grief,
hate and learning to
Die without crying, live without lying
Can you feel it growing in you burning us all
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When you come and visit
Don't forget to bring it
Hugh amount of sorrow
Drain your heart and swallow
Life has just maintain
Wish you had your pain
Rust has start to spread
Lust will drive you mad

So you think you have fulfilled
All the life you've just built
Your true self is standing tall
Your kingdom began to crawl
In this place you force feed lies
Your reality cost lives
We are lost without a guide
Your kingdom name is human kind

Life had become just too much for us to bare
Can't believe our own lake of despair
I can't believe what I see in my eyes
Everything in front of me dies
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Lyrics to Lust
by Dissonant

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