Lyrics to Can't Tek No More
by Dizzee Rascal & Shy FX

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[edit]Song titleCan't Tek No More
[edit]Artist nameDizzee Rascal
[edit]FeaturingShy FX
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..."

Kids on the road start young these days
Walk street with a knife ?? these days
No fun these days, do dirt, end up on the run these days
Whole lot of pain, suffering, and badness, whole lot of madness, too many grieving mothers and sadness
It ain't safe in the manor no more, take one fool step and you could get bored
Kids caught up in the hype and the nonsense, do what they here in the songs and the TV, pickin up ??,
makin up fuss for the sake of money, coz it look so easy, but they don't understand,
they can't comprehend, coz they're too caught up trying to rep their ends, for the reputation,
and pass it on to the next generation.

"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..."

Find more similar lyrics on're headin' in to a recession, no "BACS?", no ??, no mortgages, one step away from a depression, can't even work out the cause of it, but everybody gotta forfeit, wanna buy a house but they just can't afford it, and it's so unfortnate
Money lenders are extortionate, so you gotta move in with your mates or mum, ain't gotta place of your own, now your glum, feeling dumb, it's a crowded house and you can't have fun coz when you have sex they can hear when you cum
Gotta pay council tax and it kills, not to mention the rent and bills, and you hate how it feels, until.. you go to the pub and you pop some pills.

"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..."

Look around everywhere is a crisis, pure extortion at petrol prices, cost of living is already large and they hit you with a congestion charge, ?? burning, just to drive into town i'm hurting, hole in my pocket and my wallet is burning, but i fork out from the money i'm earning, stomach is turning, if i don't pay on the day, gotta pay В?60 another day, keeps goin up everytime i don't pay them government boi will tow it away, still can't take the bus or the train, it's a pain in the arse, and a strain on the brain, cost of a ticket is just insane, but sooner or later there's gotta be a change.

"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..."

So much war in the world today, too many women and kids get blown away, I say "what's the cause of it?", money as usual, poor and the innocent suffer as usual, none of it's useful, just brutal, can't understand why they can't be truthful, and the government make it necessary to ?? the countries obituary, coz war pays the bills, dosn't matter how many innocent people killed, just as long as pockets are properly filled, and a profit is made and they can chill, just keepin' it real, don't wanna blow it outta proportion but it looks like straight up extortion, so this is a caution, don't just stand there, do somin 'bout it, this is important, this is important, this is important, this is important, this is important, this is....

"Can't tek no more of the ... We can't tek no more of the..."
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Lyrics to Can't Tek No More
by Dizzee Rascal & Shy FX

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